Updated ‘Halo 5’ Box Art Suddenly ‘Confirms’ Windows 10 PC Release

Halo Infinite (now officially Halo 6) could possibly be first during the storied FPS franchise to launch day-and-date on PC and Xbox One via Microsoft’s “Play Anywhere” initiative. For the time being, Master Chief fans browsing for their Halo campaign fix on PC will need to reach going back to 2007’s Halo 2 port for Windows Vista. But something exciting might possibly be on the horizon vendor third install for the Reclaimer Saga. In general, it could be coming this month. The clue influences quietly updated box art for Halo 5: Guardians.

As Ars Technica spotted, Amazon quietly refreshed its report on 2016’s Halo 5: Guardians over the past weekend and it changes one critical detail. Even though the original box art stated 343 Studios’ FPS was an Xbox One exclusive (“Only on Xbox One), this art now says that is a “Xbox One console exclusive.” Xbox fans comprehend that that means.

When Microsoft launched Play Anywhere in 2016, it started using that phrase to define games that simultaneously launched on Xbox One together with the Windows 10 Store. Get it in one location, play it on both. Such games include Gears of War 4, Forza 7, ReCore, Halo Wars 2 and others. While this must taken as definitive proof that Halo 5 is coming to PC (a full experience rather than simply the very limited Forge mode), history dictates bring only possibility. And since the box art continues to live, the production could be imminent.

I wasn’t smitten along with the Halo 5 campaign, on the other hand Warzone multiplayer gave me plenty to sink my teeth into. If Microsoft and 343 truly are bringing it to Windows 10, I would not mind revisiting it in glorious 4K/60FPS.

Best of all, I can’t help but hope that Microsoft enables cross-play between Xbox One and PC users.

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