Edit Music, Sound or any other Audio Settings in PowerPoint 2010

Play Music Across Several PowerPoint Slides

Recently, a reader was having problems playing music across several slides. Also, he wanted to add a narration to experience over the music, leaving the music as just ambient sound for that presentation.

“Can this be done?” he asked.

Yes, it can along with other audio options could be edited simultaneously. Let us get started.
Play Music Across Several PowerPoint Slides

PowerPoint 2010 has made this always easy. With a handful of clicks, your music will play over many slides, until it finishes.

Navigate to the slide in which the music, sound or another audio file is going to be placed.
Click the Insert tab around the ribbon.
At the right end of the ribbon, click on the drop down arrow under the Audio button. (This enables for the selection of the type of sound you intend to add.) Within this example, we will choose Audio from File….
Navigate to the location where you have saved the sound or music file on your pc, and insert it.
With the sound file icon selected on the slide, a new button — Audio Tools should appear over the ribbon. Click the Playback button, just below the Audio Tools button.
Look to the Audio Options section of the ribbon. Click the decrease arrow beside Start: and choose Play across slides.

The sound file has become set to play for 999 slides, or even the end from the music, whichever comes first. To create changes for this setting, follow the next two steps.

Open Animation Pane for Music Settings in PowerPoint

Set Music Playback Options While using Animation Pane

In Step 1, it had been noted that when you select the option Play across slides, that the music or sound file would play, by default, across 999 slides. This setting is created by PowerPoint to ensure that the background music will not stop prior to the selection is finished.

But, suppose you need to play several selections of music, (or parts of several selections), and want the music to prevent following a precise number of slides have been shown. Follow these steps.

Navigate towards the slide containing the sound file icon.
Click around the Animations tab of the ribbon.
Click on the Animation Pane button, within the Advanced Animation section (for the right side from the ribbon). The Animation Pane will open on the right side from the screen.
Click on the sound icon on the slide to pick it. (You will also view it selected within the Animation Pane.)
Click the drop-down arrow to the right of the selected music in the Animation Pane.
Select Effect Options… from the drop-down list.
The Play Audio dialog box opens showing the result tab options, which we’ll deal with in the next step.

Play Music Over Specific Number of PowerPoint Slides

Select Specific Number of Slides for Music Playback

Click on the Effect tab from the Play Audio dialog box if it’s not already selected.
Under the section for Stop playing, delete the entry 999 that is currently set.
Enter the specific quantity of slides for the music to experience over.
Click the OK button to apply the setting and shut the dialog box.
Press the shortcut key combination Shift + F5 to begin the slide show in the current slide and try out the playback from the music to ensure it is correct for your presentation.

Hide Sound Icon During PowerPoint Slide Show

Hide Sound Icon During PowerPoint Slide Show

A sure sign that this slide show was made by a novice presenter, would be that the sound file icon is seen on the watch’s screen throughout the presentation. Jump on the best route to becoming a better presenter by making this fast and simple correction.

Click around the sound file icon around the slide. The Audio Tools button should appear above the ribbon.
Click around the Playback button, directly below the Audio Tools button.
In the Audio Options section of the ribbon, check the box beside Hide During Show. The audio file icon is going to be visible to you, the creator of the presentation, in the editing phase. However, the audience will never view it when the show is live.

Change Volume Setting of Audio File on the PowerPoint Slide

Change Volume Setting of Audio File on the PowerPoint Slide

You will find four settings for the amount of the audio file that’s inserted onto a PowerPoint slide. They are:


Automatically, all audio files that you have put into a slide are going to play at the High level. This may not be your preference. You can easily alter the volume of the audio file as follows:

Click around the sound icon on the slide to select it.
Click on the Playback button, located just under the Audio Tools button over the ribbon.
In the Audio Options portion of the ribbon, click on the Volume button. A drop down listing of options appears.
Make your selection.

Within my own experience, even though I’d chosen Low as the choice, the audio file played much louder than I anticipated. You may have to adjust the sound playback further, by changing the sound settings on the computer, in addition to causeing this to be change here. And — as a further note — be sure to test the audio on the presentation computer, if it’s different than the main one you used to create the presentation. Ideally, this would be tested within the location where the presentation will take place.

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