The 10 Best Cortana Windows 10 Features To test

Microsoft’s Cortana is extremely much like Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa and could be used to perform a variety of functions from answering search queries to determining your smart home devices. Here are 10 useful Cortana features that you should be using today when you’re working with Windows 10.

Keep the windows open 10 Apps Together with your Voice

Anyone who uses Cortana on an Xbox One gaming console knows that it can be employed to open games and apps together with your voice. Very few individuals are aware that this same functionality exists on Windows 10 PCs and tablets. Simply say “Hey, Cortana. Open (app name)” or “Hey, Cortana. Go to (app name)” and watch your selected app open before your vision.

What We Like

Using Cortana to open apps is much faster than manually navigating Windows 10’s Start Menu or minimizing all of your open apps to click on a Desktop shortcut.

What We Can’t stand

While this Cortana voice command will open most apps you’ve downloaded from the Microsoft Store, it doesn’t work with all apps yet and it may not recognize programs you’ve downloaded from the website.

Create Reminders With Cortana

Cortana may be used to quickly make reminders for any future time or when you get to a specific location. For example, you may create a reminder by saying “Hey, Cortana. Remind me to renew my passport on April 15th” or “Hey, Cortana. Remind me to David at 3 p.m.”

You may also create reminders manually by opening Cortana, hitting the Notebook icon on the left menu, after which tapping Reminders.

What we should Like

Reminders made with Cortana on a Windows 10 PC will sync to the Cortana iOS and Android apps which makes it easy to receive these reminders while on an outing, not only when you are at home on your pc.

What we should Can’t stand

Cortana reminders remain hidden away within the Cortana app once they’re created, making it inconvenient to keep track of your tasks at a glance. They’re really only recommended for major events that you don’t want to forget, not day-to-day routines that you will have to check on many times a day.

Take control of your Philips Hue Lights With Cortana

By connecting your Philips Hue lighting system to Cortana, you should use digital assistant to manage your home’s lights using a variety of voice commands such as “Hey, Cortana. Turn on the lights” or “Hey, Cortana. Dim the lights.”

What we should Like

Connecting Cortana for your Philips Hue lights is relatively easy. All that you should do is open Cortana’s Notebook, click on Manage Skills, and then add Philips Hue to the listing of Connected services through the suggested list.

What we should Don’t Like

Cortana’s control of Philips Hue lights is fixed to very basic controls. Alexa and Google Home offer a lot more customizability.

Track Deliveries & Flights on Windows 10

Want to track a package or flight? Simply click around the Cortana icon inside your Windows 10 taskbar, copy the amount of the flight or tracking number into the search field, and Cortana will keep you up to date on the package’s location changes or any potential flight delays.

Tip: You are able to stop Cortana from scanning your emails by following these steps:

Go to Settings.
Select Cortana.
Select Permissions & History.
Select Manage the information Cortana can access from this tool and uncheck Contacts, email, calendar and communication history.

What We Like

Cortana’s tracking information syncs to the Cortana mobile apps making staying up-to-date on the delivery while from home very convenient.

What we should Don’t Like

Cortana can automatically pull flight numbers and package tracking information from connected email accounts which some may find to be an invasion of their privacy.

Look Up Words While Browsing the Web

Cortana is available from directly inside the Microsoft Edge internet browser and can be used to quickly look up words or phrases.

To get this done, all that you should do is highlight a word or phrase on a webpage, right-click on it together with your mouse, and tap on the Ask Cortana about prompt. Cortana will then perform a Bing search and display the results in a tiny window within Edge.

What we should Like

This is a superb method to look something up without having to open a brand new browser tab or app.

What we should Can’t stand

Cortana only uses a Bing look for this function which might frustration people who prefer Google or any other internet search engine.

Ask Cortana About Weather Forecasts

Asking Cortana about the weather is among the fastest ways to check the forecast on your Windows 10 computer or smartphone. Just say “Hey, Cortana. How’s the elements today?” or “Hey, Cortana. What is the weather as with Tokyo, Japan?” and she’ll display an in depth environment in your preferred location.

What we should Like

Cortana understands a number of natural weather-related questions so that you can ask her specific questions for example “Is it going to rain tomorrow?” and “What would be the likelihood of it snowing today?” or perhaps “Is tomorrow a good day to visit the beach?”

What We Can’t stand

Like a lot of Cortana features, asking about the weather does require an internet or cellular link with work.

Cortana Can Do Quick Currency Conversions & Math

Ever required to quickly convert some dollars into another currency or perhaps work out how much 5kg is within pounds? Cortana are capable of doing calculations associated with finance, weight, temperature, and math in a matter of seconds. “Hey, Cortana. How much is 100 American dollars in euros?”

What We Like

Cortana supports conversions for every major currency or even a variety of popular cryptocurrencies for example Bitcoin and Litecoin.

What We Don’t Like

Currency conversions are done via Bing there aren’t any choices to customize the supply of the calculation which may not attract professional traders who choose to use specific programs. It is a good option for a casual price check though.

Ask Cortana For Directions

Ever required to look for directions but dreaded inputting the whole location name and address in by hand? Cortana solves this inconvenience by letting you ask for directions to a location with a basic voice prompt. If you need assistance getting a place, ask Cortana “Hey, Cortana. How do I reach (place name)” or “Hey, Cortana. Where’s (place name)?”

What we should Like

Asking Cortana for directions creates Windows 10 and in the iOS and Android apps as well so it can be a very useful tool when traveling.

What We Can’t stand

Cortana’s directions do require an internet or cellular link with work so if you’re on holiday and without a signal, you may need to use another app that supports offline maps.

Play Spotify Music Using Your Voice and Cortana

By connecting your Spotify account to Cortana on your Windows 10 PC, you essentially make your computer a good speaker that may control your music. To add Spotify to Cortana, open Cortana and click on the Notebook icon. Tap on Manage Skills after which Connected services and click on Give a plan to select Spotify from the listing of available services.

Once connected, you should use “Hey, Cortana. Play (song name) on Spotify” or “Hey, Cortana. Play (playlist name) playlist on Spotify” to obtain a bit of music started. You may also say “Hey, Cortana. Pause/Play/Skip track” to control the music with your voice.

What We Like

Hands-free control of music is ideal for when you are cooking or doing a bit of other task that stops you from manually controlling your tunes.

What we should Don’t Like

If the background music is playing from the speaker which is near your computer’s microphone, Cortana may have a hard time hearing your voice commands and could not register you whatsoever. She can also misunderstand what you say and play the incorrect song or artist.

Create Calendar Events Together with your Voice

Cortana can make events for you personally within the Windows 10 Calendar app. All that you should do is say “Hey, Cortana. Add a (meeting/party/event) on (date) at (time) to calendar” and she’ll ask for you to definitely confirm the information before locking it in.

What we should Like

Adding an event for your calendar is much faster with Cortana than manually opening the app, locating the date, and entering the details.

What We Can’t stand

You may find yourself wanting to manually edit the data afterwards anyway, which is counterintuitive.

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