How you can Cancel the Windows Hello Setup in Windows 10 October 2018 Update

Windows 10 October 2018 Update, or version 1809, is among the buggiest releases in a long time for Microsoft.

Not just that the update was pulled only a few days after the original launch due to a data removal bug, but it still experiences all kinds of issues that could make quite a few users skip this release altogether.

One of the most recent bugs concerns the facial recognition system in Windows Hello, the biometric authentication app which comes built-in to Windows 10.

Through the looks of things, users attempting to setup Windows Hello not only that neglect to do so, but also get kept in the configuration screen with no choice to cancel.

Microsoft has acknowledged the problem and now lists it as a “known issue,” as well as the time being, there’s simply no ETA regarding whenever a fix might be shipped to users.

The software giant describes the behavior of the issue inside a technical advisory published now:

“On the Setup Windows Hello page of the Windows Setup process, you select Use face recognition after which select Set up. On the next page, you cancel the setup process by selecting the “x” character in the upper right corner from the photo preview window. Windows returns you to definitely the Setup Windows Hello page, and you select Use face recognition > Setup again.

Instead of the photo preview window, the thing is an empty (all black or all white) page.”

The workaround isn’t necessarily rocket science, but it’s full of other conditions that users might experience when attempting to shut the Windows Hello configuration screen.

Obviously, the first thing that comes to one’s thoughts are to press the close button (the small X within the top right corner) to exit the configuration screen. But as Microsoft itself says, there are moments if this close button does not appear, which means you have to try out another method.

Pressing Alt + F4 should do the secret, Microsoft says, however this only works if the window itself isn’t locked or unresponsive. I’d the smartest choice in this instance would be to press Ctrl + Alt + Del and then force-close the Windows Hello configuration screen altogether. If you want to restart the Windows Hello setup, you can do it again after the window closes.

But, there’s another problem here too. After closing the Windows Hello configuration screen, you need to wait for the camera indicator LEDs to show off since this is the moment when you can re-initialize the configuration of this feature. However in some cases, the LEDs keep flashing.

“On most PCs, indicator LEDs flash while the camera and also the infrared illumination product is active. Once you cancel the Setup process, these LEDs still flash for a few seconds. This flashing indicates that the machine is not prepared to restart,” Microsoft says.

In this case, you need to wait for a LEDs to show off. When they don’t, your only choice is to reboot your pc, and I think you want to do this from the beginning, especially if you force-close the Windows Hello window.

While this isn’t necessarily a critical bug in Windows 10, it’s one that can become very frustrating, especially because Windows Hello is really a key feature of the operating-system. Windows Hello requires dedicated hardware, and needless to say, some people purchase new laptops and PCs specifically with compatible cameras in order to use this feature.

There’s no ETA as to whenever a fix would land, but in the meantime, you should use the steps here to cancel the configuration process and reinitialize it from the get-go.

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