Windows 10 version 2003 (20H1) spring 2020 update: All of the new features and changes

Windows 10 version 2003 would be the ninth major refresh since the original release that Microsoft is likely to release between spring 2020 with additional features and enhancements.

Also, codenamed “20H1,” this will be the first of two developments coming in 2020, and while we’re still month away from the final release, thanks to the previews obtainable in the Windows Insider Program, we’re now slowly starting to see the changes that will be provided with this new update.

Within this guide, we’ll highlight the brand new features and enhancements planned for version 2003 as they appear in each test preview. (It’s unclear if the Microsoft will use the “May 2020 Update,” “April 2020 Update,” or any other name for this feature update.)

What went down with Windows 10 19H2? Based on the company, the 19H2 update is incorporated in the works, but some from the features planned for the 20H1 update need a longer leap time, which is why that we’re seeing previews from the next year feature update so early. When the May 2019 Update becomes officially available, Microsoft will resume making 19H2 builds available to testers.
Info: This informative guide can get updated and republished with features and improvements because they become available through the Windows Insider Program. However, depending on when you’re reading this guide, some features and changes can always be missing. If this is the case, you can check this with the latest updates.

What’s new with desktop experience

No changes so far.

What’s new with Settings experience


Beginning with version 2003, the App Volume and devices preferences is getting interface tweaks to help make the experience a little more usable.

What’s new with input experience


Microsoft SwiftKey technology that gives you more accurate autocorrections and predictions by learning your writing behavior using the touch and hardware keyboard is expanding to 39 additional languages.


Microsoft dictation technology is expanding to 12 additional languages.

Microsoft Input Method Editor (IME)

If you write in Japanese, this latest version of Windows 10 ships by having an updated IME experience, which is more secure, more stable, and improves game compatibility.

In the case that you type in Chinese, the operating system introduces new versions from the Chinese Simplified IMEs (Pinyin and Wubi), as well as the Chinese Traditional IMEs (Bopomofo, ChangJie and Quick).

Microsoft also offers improved the security and toughness for the experience. Starting with the 20H1 update, you’ll also watch a cleaner interface for the candidate window and settings pages. (The new settings from the Microsoft Input Method Editors are available within the Settings app.)

What’s new with system experience

No changes so far.

What’s new with apps experience


Starting with version 2003, Notepad introduces the ability to restore unsaved content after installing an update.

Editor’s note: This informative guide includes features and enhancements that appeared until Windows 10 build 18875. It should be noted this guide concentrates on features for consumers, as Microsoft is also adding other features aimed for enterprises, which aren’t included here. (This informative guide was originally published on April 15, 2019, and last updated on April 15, 2019.)

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