Windows XP on the Nintendo Switch Is indeed a Thing Now

After Linux and Windows 10, here comes the turn of Windows XP to become placed on the Nintendo Switch.

As detailed within this reddit thread, Windows XP around the Nintendo Switch is actually an emulated version that runs via L4T Linux and QEMU, but according to user We1etu1n who made everything happen, you may also play Pinball 3D at full speed.

Although this doesn’t sound like a major achievement initially, it’s something which truly highlights the potential of the Nintendo Switch, which has evolved substantially beyond its original reason for a gaming system.

“Not the fastest experience”

Needless to say, running Windows XP around the Nintendo Switch isn’t necessarily the best experience you can get with this particular operating-system, but just for experimenting it’s certainly something that’s really worth trying out.

“I’ve used the Nintendo Switch as my main desktop for the past couple of days via L4T Linux. I’ve the Cinnamon DE running and have a 2GB Swap dime to keep things nice smooth. To do this, just install QEMU making a 10GB img like a hard disk. Once done, just install Win XP about it with QEMU like a VM. Required Six hours to set up and reach the desktop. Speed isn’t great but it legit can run Pinball 3D at full speed,” these user explains on reddit.

For which it’s worth, Windows XP no longer receives support since April 2014, but despite this, it’s still one of the desktop operating system still being used nowadays. Users happen to be requesting a second edition for many years already, but this is actually out of the table given Microsoft’s full focus on Windows 10.

You can stick to the full progress from the project, but also get more suggestions for expanding the capabilities of the Nintendo Switch by checking out the page linked above.

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