The Easiest Way to Bypass Google’s “Bug” and employ New YouTube in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft is moving from EdgeHTML to Chromium because of its own Microsoft Edge browser, which transition would bring the app not just to Windows 10, but also to previous Windows versions and macOS.

While you’d think that embracing Google Chrome’s engine would convince Google it’s time to show some passion for Microsoft’s services, this isn’t really happening, and living proof is really a recent block the company has set up online.

Google has recently released another overhaul of the YouTube interface, and you may try it out by heading to at this time. Just don’t make use of the new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge because it’s not likely to work.

What you’ll see, on the other hand, is an error message suggesting Edge is not supported, despite being in line with the same engine as Google Chrome.

While at some level it makes sense for Microsoft Edge to not be allowed to load all websites because it’s still in preview stage, this can be a limitation that’s only at Microsoft’s application, as the rest of the beta browsers out there can connect with the brand new YouTube just fine.
“NOTE: Google has already responded to claims of intentionally blocking Microsoft Advantage on the brand new YouTube, explaining it all happened accidentally due to a bug.”

“We’re aware that users of a preview version of Chromium-based Edge are being redirected to the old form of YouTube. We’re working to address this issue. We’re committed to supporting YouTube on Edge and apologize for any inconvenience this can be causing,” Google says.

Meanwhile, it is simple to bypass Google’s restriction having a simple settings alternation in Microsoft Edge.

Because Google blocked access to YouTube at user agent level, preventing Microsoft’s browser from loading the brand new YouTube with a filter on the “Edg” string, you can easily instruct the browser to ignore it by switching towards the Google Chrome agent.

But the simplest way to get around Google’s block is actually an extension that was specifically created with this goal in your mind.

Simply called “New YouTube Design for Edge Dev,” this extension modifies the user agent just for the new YouTube, leaving the rest of the settings untouched. Quite simply, browsing other sites won’t be impacted, and you ought to have the ability to load the new YouTube all right.

Because Microsoft Edge has become in line with the Chromium engine, it’s pretty simple to install the extension.

Simply head over to the extension page linked above after which click the Add to Chrome button. You also have to manually enable extensions from other sources in Microsoft Edge.

To do this, fire up the browser after which take this road:

Microsoft Edge > browser menu > Extensions > Allow extensions using their company stores

You are able to disable this method after installing the extension if you’d like to stick just with extensions from Microsoft’s verified add-on store.

To get rid of the extension, you can search for the YouTube icon present in the toolbar in Microsoft Edge, right-click it, and then click on the Remove button.

While Google states that a fix is on its way, there’s no ETA as to if this could land. Microsoft Edge preview happens to be available only for Windows 10 and macOS. The Windows 10 installers may also be used on older versions of Windows, albeit not everything may be working as expected.

Microsoft hasn’t yet provided any release date for the stable form of the browser.

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