Windows 10 19H2 Will Help Microsoft Improve Windows Update

Microsoft has recently commenced the development of Windows 10 19H2, the feature update that’s projected to visit reside in the fall for all devices running Windows 10.

But because compared to its predecessors, which shipped like a full system build, Windows 10 19H2 will land as a cumulative update, coming with all the improvements which were part of the previous cumulative updates.

This is an approach that would help provide a faster update experience, Microsoft said, especially as it wants the entire process to take less time regardless of the changes implemented into each release.

Inside a statement for Softwareonlinedeal, Microsoft explains that the reason for Windows 10 19H2 can also be to assist the organization test this Windows Update experience, suggesting that the same approach could be used for the next releases too.

Update ought to be ready in September

Needless to say, everything depends on how smoothly the rollout of Windows 10 19H2 goes, only one key factor that sets this update apart from the rest is it includes fewer additional features. The main focus is mainly on refining the experience with Windows 10 and fixing bugs and other reliability glitches.

“Given the scope from the 19H2 release, we’re using the opportunity to try something new in an effort to continue to improve the Windows 10 update experience,” the Microsoft spokesperson was quoted as saying. “This may provide us future flexibility to offer a balanced range of Windows 10 feature update delivery methods including OS swaps as well as servicing technology (such as the monthly update process).”

Windows 10 19H2 is more prone to land as a service pack as opposed to a feature update by itself, especially given its focus on under-the-hood refinements. The update is going to be finalized in September, and also the public launch should start in October, as per Microsoft’s typical release schedule.

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