Microsoft Brings a Search Box around the Windows 10 Lock Screen Because Why Not

Microsoft is experimenting with all sorts of changes as part of the Windows Insider program, and the preview builds of Windows 10 that it ships to testers often reveal quite some interesting ideas.

This isn’t the situation today, as the latest Windows 10 20H1 preview build does include this type of feature idea, but it’s something which few individuals will probably find useful.

Twitter user Albacore learned that Windows 10 build 18932 comes with a search engine on the lock screen, and by the looks of things, it appears to be looking experience that you could access when the device is unlocked and also you click the search box within the taskbar.

Windows 10 20H1 due in the spring

Obviously, it’s confusing why Microsoft thinks it’s a good idea to enable the search experience on the lock screen because conducting a search without unlocking the device shouldn’t be a feature in the first place.

Although some may think that enabling the search on the locked device might be quite a neat touch, this kind of implementation could create additional security risks, possibly exposing the PC even without unlocking it.

It goes without saying this is just an experiment, therefore it remains seen if Microsoft does need to make this search feature available in a production build of Windows 10.

For the time being, however, a dedicated option in Settings isn’t open to enable this search experience, but if Microsoft decides to visit forward with this idea, it might show up in a future preview build.

Windows 10 20H1 is projected to produce in the spring of 2020, so Microsoft still has considerable time to play with this particular type of experiments before finalizing the development of the update.

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