This really is Microsoft’s Reinvented Calendar App for Windows 10

Microsoft is focusing on a new Calendar app for Windows 10, even though the company itself has remained completely tight-lipped on this project, screenshots of an early version already are here.

The folks over at Italian site Aggiornamenti Lumia published the very first images using the refreshed Calendar app for Windows 10, by the design of things, Microsoft is planning for a a lot more modern approach as compared to what we should have finally in Windows 10.

This redesigned Calendar app has a brand-new theme and a new UI for creating events, using the whole approach as being a much more straightforward overall.

Microsoft tight-lipped around the visual refresh

Since Microsoft hasn’t said anything relating to this new Calendar app, the redesigned UI might be an indication that the visual refresh might be on its way for that other Windows 10 apps too, especially as Microsoft is aiming to offer a consistent approach over the entire OS.

Clearly, the main focus remains Fluent Design, the essence of pretty much everything in Windows 10 these days, but at the same time, Microsoft is targeting a glance that feels more modern overall.

It’s not yet clear at this point when this new app is supposed to go love everyone, as well as the moment, it just seems like we’re not far from getting a welcome refresh with a minimum of some Windows 10 apps.

Microsoft happens to be giving the finishing touches to a different Windows 10 feature update, currently codenamed 19H2, and this may be the right timing to introduce a new search for the Calendar app. Windows 10 19H2 is projected to be finalized this month and then released to production devices beginning with the month of October or November the most recent.

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