2019 Was the Year When Windows 10 Conquered the Desktop

Windows 10, the operating system that Microsoft officially launched in mid-2015, became the number one desktop platform in 2020 after it managed to overtake its predecessor Windows 7.

Statistics provided by market analyst firm NetMarketShare provide a closer take a look at how Windows 10 performed last year, highlighting its growth throughout the year despite occasional small hiccups.

Windows 10 started the entire year with 40.90% market share before dropping to 40.30% the next month. It reached an industry share of 54.30% in November and ended 2020 with a personal record of 54.62%.

Windows 10 to continue growing

Windows 7, however, lost share of the market throughout the year, obviously due to the approaching end of support set for January 14. Windows 7 was running on 37.19% from the devices worldwide Twelve months ago and then dropped gradually to a share of the market of 26.64% in December. With less than fourteen days left until the end-of-life is reached, the market share of Windows 7 is extremely prone to continue going down, albeit not all devices is going to be upgraded before milestone is reached.

Needless to say, the rest of the os’s are far behind and pose no threat to the dominance of Windows 10. For example, Windows 8.1 is running on just 3.63% from the systems worldwide, while macOS 10.14 has a share of the market of 3.50%.

Windows 10 will undoubtedly continue growing throughout the year, not only because it’s the newest form of Windows, but also following the demise of Windows 7. Many upgrades are required to select Windows 7, specially in the enterprise where Microsoft is pushing a hardship on users to embrace Windows 10.

Microsoft will even release two feature updates for Windows 10 this year, the very first of which has already been finalized and is expected to become readily available for the very first wave of production devices in April or May.

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