Microsoft’s Foldable Dream Coming True: Dell Announces Concept Ori and Duet

Last year, Microsoft announced the top Neo and Surface Duo, the company’s own dual-screen devices designed to function as pioneers of a new form factor that pushes Windows much more beyond the traditional desktop.

At that time, Microsoft promised several partners would follow in the footsteps, and this week at CES, we finally obtain a closer take a look at who’s prepared to invest in this cool product category.

Dell is one of the companies apparently betting big on dual-screen and foldable devices, and also the so-called Concept Ori and Concept Duet give to us an earlier glimpse into its long-term plans in this market.

Concept Ori is Dell’s foldable device that comes with mysterious specs, as the company avoided to share any specifics due to the fact the job about this project is still in the early days. However, Concept Ori appears to be based on a traditional foldable device recipe, with one large screen that folds, creating two separate screens, which could probably be utilized individually or together for increased screen estate.

Windows 10 Pro

Concept Duet, however, feels and looks like Microsoft’s Surface Neo, so it’s a dual-screen device seems to push laptops form factor past the current version.

Duet features two different 13.4-inch FHD displays and supports multiple form factors, as you can see within the press photos that Dell provided to us.

Quite interesting is the fact that Dell has been inspired by the dual-screen concepts that have made the rounds within the last few years on several occasions. For example, Duet comes with a standalone keyboard that may be placed at the bottom of 1 from the screens, technically allowing one display to act like a keyboard and touchpad, converting the device right into a more traditional laptop.

Both devices seem to run Windows 10 Pro rather than Windows 10X, Microsoft’s operating-system specifically built for dual-screen and foldable devices. However, it’s vital that you keep in mind they are still concepts for the time being and anything can change by the time the go-ahead for that production versions is offered.

Of course, Dell hasn’t provided an ETA, but I wouldn’t be surprised when the company launches a foldable or dual-screen model shortly after Microsoft unveils the Surface Neo and Surface Duo later this year.

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