This Windows Update Version for Windows 10 Makes More Sense than Microsoft’s

Microsoft has further polished the Windows Update section of the Settings app within the latest few Windows 10 releases, however this doesn’t necessarily mean that features requested by users are also added.

And a concept published online recently shows just how big is the difference between Microsoft’s own version and what users anticipate finding in Windows Update.

The redesign developed by Zee-Al-Eid Ahmad Rana includes a new layout, grouping updates by app – shown in one screenshot are updates shipped for Windows 10 and Office, and users can either download them individually or download and install everything.

Furthermore, users are informed in the beginning just how much size the updates require, whilst getting additional information for each update category. The Windows 10 section, for example, lets users select from feature updates, security updates, and other non-security updates, simply by simply clicking a checkbox in a dedicated update customization screen.

More Windows Update options

The redesigned Windows Update also comes with more complex options, allowing users to set up updates automatically, download updates but permit manual installation, only check for updates, or simply never look for updates.

More details is also displayed when downloading updates, including download speed and the time left to completion. The UI overall will work better, and at first glance reading the displayed details are easier than in the existing Windows Update screen, that has often been explained many as cluttered.

The Windows Update overhaul also includes a notification displayed when updates have been installed, albeit that one seems to be eating up an excessive amount of space on the screen. Options to restart the device at a later time or restart it immediately are also provided.

Of course, it doesn’t mean all ideas presented here should be adopted by Microsoft, however, many of them make a lot of sense moving forward, especially as Windows Update overall must provide a more straightforward experience for everyone.

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