How to Hide or Remove Search Bar in Windows 10

When the taskbar search bar takes up too much space, follow the steps listed below to totally hide or remove search bar in Windows 10.

Microsoft did a significant redesign for the Start menu and also the taskbar in Windows 10. One of the major things may be the accessibility to looking bar on the taskbar. The idea behind the large search engine is that it makes searching for things easy. Depending on the wallpaper and other settings, the search bar also looks nice.

As good as it’s, the default search bar occupies an excessive amount of space. If you have limited screen space, taking out the search bar can provide you with more taskbar space to use it without scrollbars. Also, most people use the Start menu to look for applications and files anyway. If so, looking bar is just a useless space-hogging widget on the taskbar. Personally, I like to take away the search bar in the taskbar simply to make some room for my pinned applications and taskbar widgets.

No matter the reason, if you do not want to see the search bar around the taskbar, here the steps you should follow to remove the search bar in Windows 10.

1. Completely Remove Search Bar Windows 10

To cover or completely remove the search bar, we have to the taskbar options. Follow the steps below to understand how you can get it done.

Right-click on the taskbar.
Go towards the “Search” option.
Select the “Hidden” option.

That’s all. As soon as you choose the Hidden option, looking bar is going to be removed from the taskbar in Windows 10. AKA, looking bar is hidden from plain sight.

You may still search for files and applications from the Start menu. Just press the Windows Key to open the beginning menu and begin typing to look for things.

2. Make Taskbar Search Bar Small

If you don’t wish to remove the search engine completely, you may make it small and show only the search icon. That way, you will have the very best of all possible worlds.

On the taskbar, right-click.
Select “Search Show search icon”.
This will replace the search bar having a search icon.

That’s all. As soon as you choose the search icon option, Windows can have looking icon rather than the search bar. To look for something, click the search icon and begin typing. Obviously, like always, you can also search directly from the beginning menu.

3. Restore or Show Search Bar

If you like the search bar and wish to restore it, you may make the taskbar show the search bar in Windows 10. Here’s how.

Right-click on the taskbar.
Select “Search ?¨² Show search box”.
This action will restore looking box on the taskbar.

From now on, you can see the entire search bar around the taskbar. Like before, searching directly by typing in it.

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