This Linux OS Looks Exactly Like Windows 10, Is Bad News for Microsoft

If you’re currently running Windows 10 but recently started thinking about a possible switch to Linux, there’s an opportunity that you’re still undecided on what distro to set up on your device.

While Ubuntu, Linux Mint, or elementary OS work all right, there’s one Linux distro that makes former Windows 10 users seem like home.

It’s called Linuxfx and it is purpose would be to make the transition from Windows to Linux as smooth as possible.

As you can see in the screenshot here as well as in the video embedded at the end of the content, Linuxfx feels and looks the same as Windows 10. You also get a Start menu with a Windows Start button – this one, however, could actually be a problem, as Microsoft might not like seeing its Windows logo in another OS.

Built-in Cortana-like assistant

Obviously, case a skin along with a Linux operating-system, and also the Linuxfx developing team explains they have attempted to make everything feel like home, so even LibreOffice has a Microsoft Office theme.

In addition to a Helloa, an electronic assistant that’s been tweaked to appear like Cortana, this Linux OS also ships having a pack of apps that Windows users will find very useful, including Skype, TeamViewer, and Microsoft Teams. The icon of the mail app, which is actually Evolution, is borrowed from Outlook to have an much more familiar experience.

Linuxfx can run executable files, and it’s based on Ubuntu 20.04 using the Cinnamon desktop, and overall, it’s pretty clear that the objective of building a familiar home for Windows 10 users within the Linux world has virtually succeeded.

The number of Windows 10 users would migrate to Linux thanks to this distro is something that continues to be to appear, but at this time, there’s without doubt that Linux has finally become the Windows alternative that Microsoft never wanted to see happening.

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