Microsoft Secretly Focusing on Windows 10 Start Menu with Rounded Corners

Fluent Design is spearheading Microsoft’s visual facelifts across a number of products, including Windows 10, and one from the latest ideas the company appears to be increasingly more interested in could bring rounded corners towards the operating system.

The thought of a better design with rounded corners rather than sharp ones in Windows 10 isn’t new, and Microsoft has previously been spotted testing such an experiment in the search UI of the operating-system.

But now it appears as though the software giant can also be looking into ways to bring the rounded corners to the Start menu.

Rounded everything

A teaser the company itself posted on its Microsoft Tips website, and that was spotted recently by WL, implies that Microsoft has already prepared part of this visual overhaul for the Start menu. Right-clicking an application in the Start menu, for example, launches a context menu that has rounded corners.

The tiles in the back also seem to have a similar design approach, and so does the search engine that’s integrated into the taskbar.

Officially, Microsoft has remained completely tight-lipped on its transition to rounded corners in Windows 10, but each one of these signs appear to suggest that a migration in this direction is just a matter of time now.

The following feature update for Windows 10 that could result in the event happen is version 20H2 due in the fall, but before this change takes place, it must first debut in the preview builds shipped to users signed up for the Windows Insider program.

Obviously, the rounded corners within the Start menu are still nowhere to be seen in Windows 10 builds available for users, so if Microsoft is indeed focusing on this visual update, expect it to make its way to the Insider program rather sooner than later.

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