Windows 10 Preview Build 20236 Is Now Available for Download

Microsoft has released a brand new Windows 10 preview build to users within the Dev channel, and the company has additionally included a couple of new features for testing.

First and foremost, Windows 10 build 20236 posseses an option to let users alter the refresh rate of the display, all from the settings screen from the OS. Needless to say, the choices which are displayed here are according to your hardware.

Microsoft has also included additional refinements for that search experience, and beginning this week, the Search UI also shows a recent selection of items that you previously searched for.

“The recent list shows the final four items which you’ve looked for and opened from Windows Search engine, which could include apps, files, settings, and direct-nav URLs (for example, like “”),” Microsoft explains.

“You can remove individual items in their list by clicking the “x” that shows whenever you hover your mouse over the items. You can disable the current feature by turning off the Windows setting “Search history on this device” under Settings > Search > Permissions and History. If you’ve not used Windows Search engine before and have 0 recent items, the recent list will be hidden.”
More accessibility improvements

The search experience, however, isn’t enabled by the new build released today but is really powered by a server-side switch that Microsoft activates gradually for testers. You need to be running Windows 10 version 1903 or newer to get it.

There are also additional accessibility improvements within this build.

“To improve accessibility of PDFs for Narrator and other screen reader users, within the cases where Unicode isn’t provided by the printing application, we’re updating our Microsoft Print to PDF option to try to convert the provided font glyphs to Unicode,” Microsoft says.

You’ll find the entire changelog within the box after the jump.

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