Samsung Working on an unexpected App for Windows 10

We’ve noted for some time that Samsung and Microsoft will work together on the number of new projects, and today for whatever reason, the South Korean clients are ready to create a new Windows 10 application.

Specifically, what Samsung is planning to do is to produce screen recording app for Windows 10 that would allow users to create a video of all things happening on the display.

As everybody knows already, such software has been around for some time, and yet, Samsung still thinks this can be a market that will actually use another application.

But initially, this doesn’t seem to be anything innovative or things like that, instead offering basic functionality to Windows 10 users.

For example, the brand new Samsung Screen Recorder lets users not just record the screen but additionally have a screenshot, with a series of other customization options.

One of these is selecting just an area on the screen to record the recording, and this comes in handy especially if you are thinking about creating a relevant video of what’s happening inside a specific app. Additionally, the app allows users to select a webcam source, configure the video recording resolution, switch the sound to off and on, use everything with keyboard shortcuts, and pick a specific format for the screenshots.

The UI is simply by it may be and virtually is dependant on just a toolbar that includes the fundamental controls to produce a recording.

At this time, however, the Samsung Screen Recorder app isn’t readily available for everybody, as the South Korean clients are still within the beta testing stage and seeking to gather more feedback before rolling it to everybody. There are no specifics as to if this should really happen, but it shouldn’t take too long because it already seems to be working quite alright.

In the meantime, there are plenty of apps that may do the same thing, including the Xbox Game Bar, but one little tool that should be highlighted is known as Screen To Gif.

As you could easily determine by simply reading its name, the objective of this app would be to record the screen after which convert the recording to a GIF, all automatically. And of course, you also get lots of other available choices, including keyboard support and many other configuration options.

You can also choose just a place to record, setup the fps options, and then quickly edit it simply by removing specific frames.

The UI is really as straightforward because it gets, coming with the Microsoft Office signature ribbon, so Office users will discover it particularly familiar, meaning it won’t take too long prior to being capable of mastering its capabilities. Screen To Gif works on all Windows versions, including Windows 10, though it’s unavailable from the Microsoft Store. It’s only shipped as a Win32 app, so it must be placed on full Windows 10 – if you’re running Windows 10 in S Mode, for example, that is restricted to Microsoft Store app, you won’t have the ability to install this app.

In the meantime, Microsoft and Samsung will work together on a series of other projects, and in all likelihood probably the most important is the support for Android apps on Windows 10 with the Your Phone app. At this point, just the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra is supported, allowing users to launch apps installed on their phones right on the desktop utilizing their own dedicated windows and with extra options to pin these apps to the taskbar.

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