Microsoft Announces a brand new Feature for that Windows 10 Clipboard History

Microsoft has recently shipped Windows 10 build 21318 to insiders in the Dev channel, and one from the highlights is definitely an improvement for that clipboard history.

Even though many people stick to the traditional clipboard, Windows 10 now integrates an infinitely more advanced clipboard manager.

And these days the software giant is attempting to shine the experience with the clipboard history, announcing within this latest build the feature now supports paste as plain text.

“Simply open clipboard history (WIN + V) and click on the … button alongside any text-based entry inside your clipboard history – you will now see a “Paste as plain text” option alongside pin and delete! When you use this course of action in clipboard history, it pastes the text content from the clipboard without its original formatting (font, color, size etc.), allowing it to match the formatting from the destination document,” the organization explains.

For the time being, however, few people can give it a try, despite being part of the Windows Insider program. Microsoft says it has released the new clipboard update only for a bunch of users within the Dev channel, promising to release it for everyone at another time.

New Windows 10 feature update early in the year

Microsoft has recently confirmed that a new Windows 10 feature update is originating early in the year, but there’s a chance it won’t include this clipboard history improvement.

Windows 10 21H1 is going to be mostly centered on underneath the hood refinements, and Microsoft confirmed it’ll be delivered as a quality update rather than in general new feature update.

The release is projected to happen within the first 1 / 2 of the year, and judging from Microsoft’s typical release calendar, we ought to expect it to appear in April or May this spring.

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