Missing the Windows Startup Sound? Here’s How to Enable It in Windows 10

Using the end of Windows 7 coming, most of the users who upgrade to Windows 10 are considering ways to result in the knowledge about this new OS version as familiar as possible.

And this frequently includes giving up on the modern elements that are bundled into Windows 10, like the Microsoft Store, which more regularly that does not is easily forgotten by people who just seek a traditional Windows experience.

And also to simplifying the Windows 10 experience to make it feel a lot more like the one in Windows 7, some will also be searching for the tiniest features that make the operating system seem like home.

Including a Windows startup sound, that’s.

As weird as it may sound, many actually miss the Windows startup sound. Ought to be fact, many can in fact figure out what Windows version in running on a device simply by listening to the default startup sound playing when Windows is loaded – I do it too, so the removal of the startup sound in Windows 10 is a reasonably drawback considering this.

However, a startup sound can easily be enabled in Windows 10, also it doesn’t take not only a few clicks to get it done.

What you ought to know, however, is that Microsoft has removed some of the sounds that you could configure within the operating system. So that as area of the transition that the company now forces for the Control Panel to Settings, some settings are migrated towards the modern app, while some are still there in the old version – there’s no ETA as to when the original Control Panel should be replaced by its modern sibling altogether, however the transition happens gradually with every new feature update.

To enable a Windows startup sound, you’ll still need to use the classic Control Panel, which remains the home of those sound settings.

The road isn’t necessarily probably the most straightforward, but it’s simple to determine once you do it the very first time:

Windows 10 > Settings > System > Sound > Sound Control Panel > Sounds

The option that you’re searching for is located at the end from the dialog and it is called:

Play Windows Startup sound

Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn’t offer an easy way to alter the Windows 10 startup sound, even though there are ways to do it, nearly all users would certainly stick to the default one out of the first place with no further modifications.

The technique described here also work in Windows 10 version 1909 (November 2019 Update) as well as in the upcoming Windows 10 version 2004 (currently codenamed 20H1, as it doesn’t yet come with an official name).

Most likely, the option to enable a Windows startup sound is going to be added to the Settings app at some point in the future, especially as it comes without the need for other customization options. Quite simply, expect an easy checkbox to appear in the Sound section of Settings, enabling you to let the startup sound a bit faster.

All sound settings are projected to migrate towards the Settings app anyway, however i expect this little checkbox to become the first one to make the switch.

Not to mention, if you would like more changes related to the startup sound, for example options to customize it easier and employ your very own sound or audio file in Windows 10, head over to the Feedback Hub within the operating system and let Microsoft learn about it.