Microsoft Confirms Windows 10 Version 1903 Bug Hitting Visio

Microsoft has confirmed that what it really describes as “a code issue” in Windows 10 generates a compatibility problem with Microsoft Visio, resulting in freezes or delays when utilizing this Office app.

The glitch has already been experienced when using the web app with a keyboard, Microsoft says, and the only Windows 10 version that appears to be affected is May 2019 Update (version 1903).

The software giant says a fix has already been being developed, but for the moment, no specifics can be found regarding when it could be shipped to users.

“Users may experience stalling or delays when using the Microsoft Visio app having a keyboard,” Microsoft explains inside a post around the Microsoft 365 service status page.

“We’ve determined that the code issue within Microsoft Windows is causing the Microsoft Visio service to perform inside a degraded state when users take presctiption Windows Build 1903 and also have the “Show text suggestions when i type” feature enabled. We’re working on a fix and we’ll perform extensive testing to make sure that it properly resolves the problem before deploying it towards the affected environments.”

Manual workaround

The following update concerning the concern is expected on September 6, but at this time, it’s not yet clear if a fix could land at that time or otherwise.

Meanwhile, Microsoft states that users can turn to a manual workaround which involves disabling text suggestions in Windows 10. To do this, launch the Settings app and follow this path:

Settings > Devices > Typing > Hardware keyboard > Show text suggestions when i type > Off

A reboot of the device is not required, and if the issue is still experienced, Microsoft recommends customers to reach out to support services for additional guidance on how you can resolve the bug before a complete patch lands.