Microsoft Could Release Another Windows 10 “Service Pack” in 2020

Microsoft has already finalized Windows 10 20H1, officially known as version 2004, and the company is now focusing positioned on last-minute polishing and bug fixes prior to the public release scheduled for the spring.

At the same time, Microsoft should begin the job on the next feature update for Windows 10, codenamed 20H2 and due in the fall of the year.

But as it turns out, there might ‘t be an excessive amount of to test in Windows 10 20H2, due to the fact Microsoft wants this selection update to concentrate totally on under-the-hood refinements, rather than on new features.

Seems like familiar, it’s because this is precisely the concept Windows 10 19H2 (November 2019 Update) was based on, with lots of describing it as something pack, as opposed to a genuine feature update for the operating-system.

Windows 10 20H2 preview builds not far off

Quite simply, there’s an opportunity Windows 10 20H2 will finish up becoming a little more than something pack too, bringing rather subtle improvements instead of breaking changes and new features.

This means the upcoming Windows 10 20H1 feature update due in the spring will be the star of the year, as it’s indeed a feature-packed release.

For some people, this method is sensible, especially as numerous criticized Microsoft for its fast release cadence. Since two large feature updates each year may be difficult to deploy in large organizations, a lightweight fall update that ships as a regular cumulative update and focused specifically on quality improvements would make more sense moving forward.

Microsoft recently said that Fast ring insiders would begin testing new features with no specific release date, so possibly the company indeed wants to take more time on the under-the-hood refinements in Windows 10 20H2.

For now, it’s more important to take this as a rumor, as Microsoft is yet to verify its plans for Windows 10 20H2. Preview builds should land shortly, so it won’t take very long until we find out if another service pack is coming or otherwise.

Microsoft Removes SwiftKey Settings from Windows 10 Version 2004

Microsoft has removed SwiftKey settings from preview builds of Windows 10 version 2004, or Windows 10 20H1, which is scheduled to produce early in the year of the year.

Furthermore, it seems that all references towards the keyboard app are gone, and similar changes are being made to Windows 10 20H2, according to a report from German site Deskmodder.

Windows 10 20H2 may be the second update of the season and is scheduled to produce within the fall of 2020.

All configuration options which have previously been offered in the Settings app aren’t available, and also the aforementioned source speculates that the reason for the removal may be the low usage. Of course, this really is something that remains seen if Microsoft indeed removes SwiftKey completely for Windows 10.

Microsoft SwiftKey

SwiftKey is currently probably the most popular keyboard apps on Android and iOS and Microsoft promised to bring it to Windows 10, mostly to improve typing in touch mode.

The lower usage could indeed be considered a reason behind SwiftKey going away, because the touch side of Windows 10 continues to be without terms of adoption and many users keep going the operating-system on PCs and laptops with the traditional mouse and keyboard input.

On the other hand, SwiftKey keeps getting improvements on Android and iOS, and Microsoft rolls out updates regularly, either with further polishing here and there or with the help of new languages. The advanced prediction engine, however, continues to be top feature of SwiftKey, therefore if Microsoft indeed decides to remove it from Windows 10, it could be a significant loss for all those counting on the laptop keyboard app for faster typing.

I’ve reached out to Microsoft to ask for more information about SwiftKey’s future in Windows 10 and will update the article when and if an answer is offered.