New Windows 10 Build Launches with a Modern Settings Icon, Search Improvements

Microsoft has released a brand new Windows 10 preview build for users within the Dev channel, as long as they’re not running the machine with an AMD chip – this limitation was required because of an issue affecting the stability on these processors.

Windows 10 build 20170 continues Microsoft’s plan of killing from the User interface and moving all choices to the Settings app.

“Last week we mentioned i was thinking about bringing additional control Panel capabilities forward into Settings, and here’s another one – we’re updating Settings > System > Sound > Manage sound devices to now inform you which device is default, and if not, allow you to set it as your default device or default communication device. We’ve also updated the amount mixer to include a hyperlink towards the per app audio settings, which you can use to redirect audio endpoints per app,” Microsoft explains.

This new build also introduces search improvements. The search UI that you could launch in the taskbar now has a new two-column layout that provides more information while offering faster access to quick searches.

However, this update is available only in limited markets, such as the Usa, Canada, China, Germany, France, and also the UK.

New Settings icon

Today’s build includes a new Settings app icon that aligns having a previous facelift announced by Microsoft for that Start menu. The modern icon matches the theme-aware design of the live tiles and is available today for everyone installing this update.

There’s also changes for TLS 1.3 within this build.

“An experimental implementation of Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.3 is enabled automatically beginning with Insider Preview Build 20170. IIS/HTTP.SYS have TLS 1.3 enabled automatically. SSPI callers may use TLS 1.3 by passing the new crypto-agile SCH_CREDENTIALS structure when calling AcquireCredentialsHanlde. SSPI callers using TLS 1.3 need to ensure their code correctly handles SEC_I_RENEGOTIATE,” Microsoft explains.

As almost every other preview release, Windows 10 build 20170 has a number of underneath the hood fixes and known issues, and you may browse the full changelog in the box after the jump.